Polyphonic Pitch detection and correction & more solid Audio Alignment Algorithm

Does Steinberg have any plan to add polyphonic pitch detection into the VariAudio? The only reason I will buy the Melodyne is for its polyphonic detection algorithm.

And the only reason I will use the Pro tools is its integration of VocALign Project. The VocAlign Project is believed be optimized for Pro Tools for a quicker operation and smoother workflow. The Audio Alignment in Cubase provide the same operation and feature, however, the algorithm in Cubase’s Audio Alignment is not as strong as that from the VocALign Project. You can do some AB test on vocal lead and dubs. Cubase’s algorithm sometimes will mess up the beginning or ending. Generally, the VocALign Project’s algorithm is more on the safer side.

What I want to know is in the next promised release Q1, will there be some upgrade on them?

If Steinberg’s development team need more details about my comparison, please feel free to contact with me.

The Q1 release will let you use Melodyne and VocAlign within Cubase more easily via ARA. These are companies with teams dedicated to those specific functions with years of experience. I don’t expect Steinberg to do polyphonic correction or audio alignment as good as the best in the industry because Steinberg still has DAWs to make. Just like I wouldn’t expect Melodyne to work as well as a DAW as Cubase.

So my advice: if you want polyphonic detection and vocal alignment, pick up Melodyne and VocAlign once Cubase gets ARA implemented and the bugs worked out.

I agree with Funkybot here. Grab yourself the top shelf apps for those functions.

MelodyneStudio is great here, love it and dont expect Cubase to compete with it as that is ALL that Melodyne does, same with VocAlign

Agreed. There are plenty of other plugins and apps for specific advanced things like this.