Polytonality Problems with MIDI Keyboard Input Into Transposing Part

I connected my Yamaha P-125 to Dorico 2.0 for iPad via MIDI cable. When I play in a note, the sound comes through the piano’s speakers.

Entering notes into the non-transposing score, everything sounds fine. Entering notes into the transposing clarinet part, I get something Ives might have enjoyed.

What’s going on? I wondered if it was the “Enable MIDI thru” setting, but that doesn’t change anything.

I can, of course, write what I want in a non-tranpsoising score and then transpose everything to make the clarinet part display the key I want, but I’d like to understand what’s going on.

Apologies if I’m misunderstanding something, Harry, but if you’re using a keyboard with its own sounds, Dorico can’t do anything about the sounds that are produced by the keyboard itself: it’s just echoing them back as you play them.

All sound is coming through the piano speakers—nothing from the iPad speakers. I hear the piano voice of the P-125, and I hear the clarinet sound from Dorico.

Perhaps there isn’t a workaround for this, but when the piano echos the transposing part, there’s two-semitone difference between the keyboard’s piano voice and the clarinet voice from Dorico.

You’re able to use your piano as an audio device for your iPad to output to? In that case, there should be an option “Local” on your piano: try setting that to “Off”.

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Fantastic. Didn’t know about this setting. For anyone else who has a P-125 and wants the link to that part of the manual, here it is: https://usa.yamaha.com/files/download/other_assets/8/1214058/p125_en_qg_a0.pdf