Pool: Insert in Project from the trash folder

Hi there.
In the audiopool I can’t insert files from the trash into my project. Can you?

Only way is to move them into the audio folder. But if you dou that they are not longer selected. Looking for them can be really annoying if you have a large project.

Can you confirm that?

Thanks, Matze!

Yeah, I could never understand why you can’t just drag them from the bin into the project… Most annoying

Yeah, it is.
And the second worse thing is that the files are sorted by date and not by time…
Cheers, Matze!

Is this a bug or by design?
Any ideas?

It’s by design. If you notice, files sent to trash are erased from project Audio Folder. Can’t bring back something that isn’t there.

Yeah, but that’s not my point.
When I can’t files from trash back to my project why do I have it?
And we have (gladfully) a trash folder from which we can get files back. But why can’t that a little bit more comfortable?

Thanks, Matze!

Don’t really care about that, it’s annoying the way it is and could be implemented the other way with a bit of tinkering on the programmers part. Drag from bin direct to project, it should be that easy.


+1 from me. Ive also wondered bout this one before.

Again, how are you to import something that doesn’t exist.

Instead of this, I’d rather they used resources to code Import Coolest Guitar/Bass/Keyboard/Drum Solos to my project. :wink:

They give you a trash folder so you’ve got a place to put the things you don’t want any more. :mrgreen:
Any trashcan is a dangerous place for data. Don’t use it unless you’re absolutely sure. The trashbot comes along once in a while and empties it.
Or are you just relieving a boring Sunday? :mrgreen:

I don’t want to use the trash folder as an clipboard.
When I delete a file by error, I may want to get it back. By the way, most time I am in the situation to bring back files from the trash has to do with the not working Undo function while recording.


What do you mean by “not working undo function”? All seems fine here unless we work differently or one of us is misunderstanding something about the undo function.
Here things only get deleted when I get the right takes and it’s all ready for mixdown.

Sometimes I do the basic editing of a take in the preroll of the next one. When I accidentically delete a wrong part (what can happen if you edit really fast) it’s going to the trash folder. While recoring I can’t use Undo, bebause it is not working while recording.
So I have to bring it back from the trash folder.

Now I have to do the following (imagine a really large project with 1000+ clips):
I have to go to the trash folder and have to find the right takes to restore. When I have found them I can’t drag and drop them into the project (but I think it should). I have to move them to the audio folder. When I’ve done that my selection is gone and I have to look for them again. When I have (imagine 1000+ takes) I can place them back into my project.

That could be easier, couldn’t it?

Thanks, Matze!

The files do exist, they exist in the bin, having to drag them from the pool bin back into the pool folder then from the pool folder to the arrange page is silly.

files in the bin i treat as second class citizens ,they havnt been brought up theyve been dragged up.

Slow down to speed up. Working “real fast” you do tend to lose things. 1000+ clips and takes!? That takes preparation and deliberation. (don’t use the “deadline” line please. If you lose that much there can’t be many of them)
I’d say that it may profit you to have a real good think about the way you handle the clips and takes.
Sometimes it’s easier to reprogram the user than the software.
Always look around and see how many of you have the same problem. Get enough of you and the programmers will have to take notice. But if it’s just you and a couple of others then a discussion on the ways to do things differently may just remove the problem pretty easily.


Well planned is half done.

I don’t want to argue thist, but why has it to be complicated to use the bin? Is it to educate me? :wink:

Cheers, Matze!

Sorry for the slight side track here, but when I open the pool, there are sometimes files in the trash. When I then select ‘Remove unused audio’, depending on the project, more files go to the trash… (if I select them to go there) Were they deleted in a different way?