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Porting FRs from my tips-and-tricks thread
( Regions, Pools, and Libraries! (What you maybe didn’t know & how to utilize!) - Cubase - Steinberg Forums )
to here:

  1. Libraries can have mixed sample rates, even different from the sample rate of whatever project you have open, and they will play just fine. ie, if your currently open/active project has a sample rate of 88.2, and the Library you have opened is full of 44.1khz sample rate files, they won’t do that thing where they playback at half-speed.
    FR-> if you open an audio editor window from a Library file and start playback there, this does not work for some reason.

  2. For some reason, the little playback bar in the bottom left of Pool/Libraries does not engage the time bar if you start play from a file selection in the main list. A workaround, is you can leave the search bar empty and hit search and it will mirror your pool files into the search results (from what I can tell) and starting play from here does engage the time bar.
    FR-> Have the playback time bar engage for playback started in the main file list or the search file list.

  3. Music Playlist (Collapsible right zone in Pools/Libraries
    FR-> One thing I would like to see added to Pools/Libraries, is a music playlist feature, so “finished” songs can be compiled into a sequence and listen from start to finish like an album.
    Would be great if Playlists could be saved and recalled, ie, a list of playlists

  4. MIDI in Pools/Libraries (Parts/Patterns)
    FR-> I really wish MIDI parts/patterns could be put into pools/libraries. Again, TV, especially reality TV will reuse alot of musical assets, at least as starting points .

  5. I will link to this one (Lock/Protect selected files from deletion):
    Lock/Protect selected files and folders in Pool - Cubase - Steinberg Forums
    very important, and has to do with data loss prevention.

  6. MediaBay able to read/view/open Library files.
    Also, if a user drags a Library file from MediaBay into a project, it could prompt import options, or automatically create a folder in the Project Pool and import the Library there.

  7. Duplicate Pool/Library Folder.
    FR-> Mostly wanted this for empty folders when building a Library template, ie, Duplicating a Folder that has Sub-Folders for example, Song 1 folder duplicated to form Song 2 folder. But perhaps, if there is contents it could prompt user with two options. 1.) Duplicate Folders Only 2.) Duplicate Folders and Create New Versions for Content.

  8. Save Library As. Currently, once you start a Library project, you can only save it.

  9. Bulk-Renaming Utilities - See the free software Bulk Rename Utility (great piece of free software)

  10. Perhaps Library could host other things that are pertinent to a session/ongoing projects? Track/VST/FXChain Presets, Images, Notepads, MIDI (as already suggested), .cpr/npr files (templates)(?)

  11. Library Autosave features (save on file import/drag in, etc)

  12. Library Notepad

  13. Advanced Search/Search Filters (Sample rate, has DOP processing, Music mode engaged/Not engaged, etc)

  14. Column view presets

  15. Info History viewer log (see what has changed and when), link to/find media from log

  16. Undo/Redo?

  17. Gain compensation per file/region

  18. Information summary viewer (left zone) akin to MediaBay info summary viewer instead of only depending on the columns to see info.

  19. Comments per file

  20. Meta Normalize

  21. Audio Export from Cubendo directly into a Library project.
    If selected in Audio Export, a prompt opens for the user to find the Library file on their computer, this then opens a Library project viewer where they can select where in the library the file(s) are added, ie, the Library project might have folders.
    This could be used as a batch export task.

  22. Library Templates. I would like to create Library Templates for different projects types… an Album Production template could be very different from a TV series template. When user selected ‘New Library…’ It would bring up a prompt similar to new project. This would of course need a ‘Save Library Template’ as well.

  23. Import Track Archives. Could Track Archives be optionally part of Libraries? They would need to be displayed as a folder like structure. Dragging from a Library into a project would prompt the Track Archive import for that project.

  24. For some reason, currently unable to move-copy empty folders from Library to Pool and vice-versa.


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I use Remove Unused Media + Empty Trash very often to keep my project sizes down.

But sometimes there are things in the Pool I want to keep, which aren’t inserted in the Project, and thus would also get deleted.

For example, I might have an audio file with a bunch of Region markers I want to keep, and maybe originally, that audio file did have clip events on the timeline and normally wouldn’t get deleted - but - if those clip events get bounced, or have DOP added, get ARA2’d, etc they are no longer referencing that original audio file which now may get accidently deleted the next time I do Remove Unused Media + Empty Trash.

Another good example of what might get accidently deleted - Audio Exports to Mix Folder, etc, if the user doesn’t import to track.

Would also like to be able to Lock/Protect pool folders and their contents.



There could be Lock/Protect options as well

Lock/Protect from ‘Remove Unused Media’
Lock/Protect from 'Empty Trash"
or the user can tick both.

Because, the user may be okay with things going into the trash, but might not want certain files to be completely deleted.

This would also have to work with project backup → remove unused media

Libraries also need global delete lock, as technically, it’s all “Unused Media” as there is no project.

(Can’t edit op anymore )

There should be, as discussed for Libraries

Global Lock option that prevents Remove Unused Media/Empty Trash from even happening (with a custom user message prompt if someone tries)

As well as a Global Lock for just the Empty Trash folder (Trash can go in, but it can’t go byebye)