Pool Playback isn't working

Hey all -

I’m having an issue that I’ve never had before. I just recorded a long VO session, chopped up the session, and exported the events from the region clips. What I normally do is then open up the pool window, go through the list of clips, preview them and rename the files as I go down the list…the problem is, playback is no longer occurring in the pool view or the sample editor. If I find the clip in the main edit time line and playback, it’s fine. Also, if I double click that clip to open the sample editor, it’ll playback fine from there…it seems as through going through the pool to try and organize this stuff is boning it up.

I am on Nuendo 5.5.

Any ideas?


I’ve also tried multiple projects and noticing the same behavior: Clips in the pool are not auditioning properly…maybe I should roll back to 5.1?

Hmmm … is working fine here.
How are you auditioning the files in the pool?
Do you use the playback button on top of the pool, or do you push spacebar?


Audition button in the pool or option+spacebar (that’s what I have bound for the audition playback).

Check the control room/audition channel settings.