POOL Search: how to search in files' metadata?

When I use Nuendo’s search function in the Pool, it seems that it uses the file’s OS-properties as a criterium in order to find certain files.
But; since most of my files have metadata written into it (like recording date) I’d love to find a way to let Nuendo search in the files’ metadata instead of the properties which were written into the file by the OS.

For instance;
when I want to search in the Pools’ files which I imported yesterday (Nov. 27th 2019), and if I want to find certain files which were recorded on the 1st of June 2019, Nuendo’s Search function returns zero.
I am certain though that there are files in the Pool which were recorded on the 1st of June 2019; they are even obviously showed in the (dozens of) file-list in the Pool where the “Date”-collumn is probably based on the metadata which were written into the file during recording.
When I search for files with a date of "27 Nov 2019"in the Pool, Nuendo returns all the files which I imported into the pool yesterday…
Is this a feature of which I can’t see the benefit?
or am I doing something wrong?

Any help welcome.
Niek/ Amsterdam.

I don’t think the pool is updatef to be metadata aware yet. But I agree it would be very helpful.

Sometimes, when things are not working as supposed, and after checking the manual of course, I get the feeling something is wrong with me or my system.
Thanks for confirming that those last 2 symptoms have not turned into reality though… :confused:

Niek/ Amsterdam

Scan the folder with Mediabay and /sort select your files in there.


Although it’s slow, it’s a great workaround.
Thank you.

Niek/ Amsterdam.

Slow? Should be lightning fast.
Of course, you have to search only that single folder, not all of the stuff you have listed in Media Bay.


Yes, I made a mistake by scanning the entire project folder of the feature I’m working on now. The scanning itself took ages because Nuendo scanned the entire backup of the production audio, the AAF-folder and the actual Audio Folder.

After I changed the “scanned folder” to only the Audio Folder of the project it became lightning fast, indeed.

Still, I hope Steinberg implements metadata search in Nuendo’s Pool.

thanks again,
Niek/ Amsterdam.