Pool window in windows10 explorer

Where is the media Pool window located in windows10 file explorer?


The Pool window is not located in Windows 10 File Explorer. Pool window shows the resources used in the project.

In the Pool you can right click to any single file and show the file in the File Explorer. But in the Pool you could have an Audio (and video) resources from several folders.

But I loaded a clip from the loop browser and when clicked “show in explorer” it says cannot browse vst3 sounds.I wanted to find the kick drum I loaded so I could assign it to the audio file in cubase projects folder, then after that I was going to rename it the same name as a tom tom that I had inserted into project(after duplicating it 30-40 times and painstakingly aligned it to the tempo-rhythm I wanted). After renaming it the same name as the tom tom I was hoping to evade realigning the new kick drum.The kick drum was to act the same as the tom tom.I asked around and the suggestions I got were this one above and some other ones for cubase10 pro, which I don’t have.


Then the audio sample comes from a vstsound package (Cubase internal library), so it’s not a single file.

What do you mean by “I could assign it to the audio file in cubase projects folder”, please?

I mean I could copy or move it to the cubase projects folder-audio sub folder and then rename it as the original tom tom so that all the moving and nudging I did with the tom tom could or maybe be reflected into the new kick drum. But if you say it’s not a single file then there’s no use trying anything.


In theory you could Bounce the selection (or Render in Place), so you would make a single audio file of it.

My thinking is -I want to load a tom tom or a single drum clip into an audio track then duplicate it 30-40 times and line them up individually to the tempo and groove that I want. If I don’t like the way it sounds or I want to audition other drums I would like to know how I could do this without realigning the auctioned clips. In other words the auctioned clips would be aligned in tempo etc. the same as the original.


What about to sue the Sampler Track?

Load the Tom tom to the Sampler Track. Draw the triggering as a MIDI data. You can freeze move them and create the groove. If you want to exchange the Tom tom sound, you can just exchange the used sample in the Sampler Track.

I’m pretty sure cubase le and ai(both off which I have ) have no sampler track…Forums say Elements does.


Then I would recommend to upgrade. Now is 50% off for any Cubase. It’s the best time ever.