remember these?

pooooooooooooooo poo pooooo poooooooooooooooo

I use to have a Pooooo Pooooo Drum. The Synare

"Sue" no relation to "Ring My"

That looks like one of yer “morans” there :laughing:

Mine went “Dooooooooooooooooooo!” - maybe it was a different software version? No - wait…

Available in many different consonants! :slight_smile:


the Syndrum Quad


That’s rather judgmental. So people can be judged morans just by their appearance? :unamused:

She looks a bit like my sister, also called Sue. If Sue Bell is anything like my sister, don’t mess with her, she’ll twist your kneecaps off…

Ah! The nostalgia of instant doorstops. I waited, saving my money because I couldn’t afford them, and got a set of Simmons Doof-doofs. Seminal days of GAS (Gear acquisition syndrome). So I suppose pooo is pertinent then.

I’ve got a Simmons SDSV brain and some cheap pads kicking about

O msut get it up and running sometime. Great fun. :slight_smile: Love the kick on it. A real deep Duffffff

That’s the little blighter. Not so little. Guy with spare parts and deep knowledge of these is Colin Schofield based at Andys Drum Clinic (ADC Drums) in Liverpool. Colin is aka Koby drums (electric ones).

It was obviously a joke.

Reminded me of one Little Britain’s Matt Lucas Characters …