Poor CPU Performance

I am overloading my CPU very quickly! I have taken out all VST instruments and plug ins and am getting problems with only 2-3 audio tracks. Any ideas? The programme takes a very long time to load and hangs on the vst2.x manager status for a while. Even when the programme is idle I still see about 20% CPU use in the VST meter

Using C6.0.5 with a Saffire Pro 40 on a Macbook Pro i7 2ghz with 4 mb ram. Plugs ins include isotope alloy. All rewired with Reason 6 but the problems occur even if using Cubase alone.

What latency are you running?

Does the CPU load drop significantly if you switch to the Mac internal soundcard? What and how many plugi-ins are loaded in the project?

Hi David - pretty much the same using both sound cards. I’m using about 4 instances of Izotope Alloy alongside about the same number of Steinberg’s - one instance of Reverence and a couple of vintage compressors and an amp rack. Tried changing the buffer to settings between 256 and 2084 but pretty much the same outcome. I’ve taken away all VST instruments and that has helped but it shouldn’t be necessary on this spec. Running songs recorded in Reason (with 40 odd audio tracks) with no problem

I would be inclined to take the plug ins out, one by one, to see which is causing the cpu load. You should see almost zero on the cpu meter when all plugs are out. Then reload them and see what happens.

I have no experience of Alloy. Reverence is fairly thirsty. 40 or so tracks should be no problem and will use very little CPU power.