Poor loopback audio quality - UR24C

I’m experiencing an issue when attempting to capture loopback audio to a screen recording application. The audio quality is awful, almost like being played down a phone line. The quality and volume fluctuates too.

I’ve tried with a couple of different capture apps in case it was the particular app I was using, but the results are the same.

Anyone have any ideas?


What screen recording apps do you use?

I noticed when using loopback with Zoom, Skype… the sound is quite poor. But that’s because the apps are trying to save the bandwidth and degrade the audio a lot.

But when recording straight to an audio editor it sounds good.

I tried the XBox app capture app in Windows 11, the audio was terrible, and I also tried Awesome Screen Recorder which was just as bad. Interesting what you say though, it seems to makes sense. Not sure what to use now…