Poor man's UBK-1 Clone

Just thought I’d throw this out there if anyone was interested. I’ve been wanting to buy Kush’s UBK-1 and Clariphonic but I’m too tight on dollars so I decided to do my best to clone something that gives bass a little movement. Here’s what I came up using my existing plugs. It’s not a UBK-1 but it isn’t bad for a home brew. The plugin chain is as follows:

Tonic Juice 32 bit
Sideral - 32 bit
Azurite - 32 bit
J1000 SF36 - 32 bit
Wave H EQ - 64 bit - for more analog feeling
Waves Maxx Bass - Extended Range
SKNote Distro - closest thing I have to a Distressor or Fatso, but mix in your compressor of choice.
Nebual Distressor Tone by Henry Olonga to round out the sound.

I am attaching Word Docx file of the settings because I’m too lazy to write them all down. Let me know what you think. This was my first attempt at recreating anything like this.