Poor performance: Not able to play a demo project of Mir Pro 3D -- on Mac Pro 2012

Hello, I would like to comment and read your opinions about the performance of Nuendo/Cubase 12, I don’t know if I have a problem or if it is the DAW. I am using a Mac Pro 2012, 12 cores, 64 Gb ram, ssd, raid 0, etc… The problem is that I am not able to play a demo project of Mir Pro 3D even with the sound interface buffer at full (RME UFX usb connected). Sound stutters and breaks when there are many audio tracks (Asio Guard is full), however the same project (on the same Mac Pro) using the latest version of Pro Tools studio moves without any problem (25% performance on the Daw and 18% on the system). On a MacBook Pro mid 2018 with an i9 and 32Gb of ram, I was able to play the project at full buffer without any clipping. Could you comment something about your opinion and the performance of Cubase/ Nuendo12? Thank you

Are you experiencing the ASIO-Guard glitch by any chance ?

ASIO is only for PC computers… not macs.

To salfuman, if your Mac is a M1 chip (not Intel) you might want to uncheck “open in Rosetta” when looking at the info pane of the Nuendo app.

@noeqplease Sorry but ASIO Guard exists on both Mac and Windows.

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No, No, I don’t have that problem. Asio Guard remains stable. In my case when there are many tracks playing at the same time the Asio Guard indicator goes up to 100%. I can handle complex projects, but not in this case. I have to try to insert Mir Pro 3D with plugin instead of as panorama to see if the performance changes. Thank you

Did not know, as I’ve not had any of these types of issues. Cheers.

Running very stable with very large projects on a very similar machine. I’m actually finding the opposit as in ProTools not performing larger project where Nuendo has no issue.

Hi @salfuman , I just answered your question in the other thread:

MIR 3D is not working properly in the panner slot - #3 by Dietz

Hi, thanks for the tips, now I’ve been able to get the demo project working, all the settings have to be loaded again, but at least Cubase/Nuendo don’t get clipped and work at an acceptable level of performance, around 25% and the performance of the computer to 25-30%.

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That’s good to hear, but:

… changing the latency shouldn’t disturb any settings …? 8-/ … Or do you refer to the fact that the convolution engine of MIR 3D had to re-adjust to the new buffer size?

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Hello, what I mean, as I am trying to play a demo project of VSL Mir Pro 3D, I have to load the presets for the different instruments/audio tracks. I leave the buffer in Mir Pro 3D as you have commented at 2024.