Poor Sample Rate Conversion (SRC): How do you cope with it?

Hi guys,

It’s no secret that Cubase unfortunately has by far the worst SRC of all current professional DAWs (no improvement for over 10 years now, also see: http://src.infinitewave.ca).

I always had the feeling that Cubase is very strong in the film and classical genre which generally has to work in different sample rates on a daily basis (at least 48 kHz as well as 96 kHz for the audiophile customer group).

So I am wondering how the pro users on here are using Cubase in an environment with alternating sample rates?

For pure mixing or mastering purposes I use external sample rate converters however as I am working mostly in the box with VST instruments / sample based content (e.g. Cubase’s factory library, lots of samples) - there is a lot of up- and downsampling going on which heavily affect the program material (audible).

Why do the average Cubase user doesn’t seem to bother, that the poor SRC in Cubase is still not updated? I strongly believe, that the worse SRC is one of the reasons people still sometimes call Cubase a “muddy sounding” DAW (no DAW sounding debate intended here(!), I mean it).

I am interested in thoughts about SRC and related quality (meaning pro productions) with the use of Cubase.


PS: This is not intended to be a
a) Which sample rate sounds best
b) Which sample rate makes sense
c) Which DAW sounds best

Just the fact, that the SRC in Cubase is audibly poor - and how one cope with it.