Poor Support in Australia

So it appears as though there is now no phone number to call for tech support in Australia? No way to submit a support ticket via MySteinberg? Here we have to send an online support request to Yamaha and hope that it gets forwarded on. My previous experiences with this method have resulted in weeks to get a reply from Yamaha firstly, and then more weeks to get an official correspondence from Steinberg HQ, and not once has it ever actually been of use unfortunately. Or often its just ‘send crash dumps’, and nothing more is heard.

Given the nature of the needed support at times (buggy software, tight deadlines to meet) I find this pathetic. Can’t we do better Steinberg? Seems the best option is to call international and hope they take the call (ie. pretend I live in that country).

Disappointed :frowning:

Hope this information and link helps…


MI products & Nuendo:
Yamaha Music Australia Pty Ltd
Level 1, 80 Market Street
South Melbourne VIC 3205
1300 739 390


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Just a note on how this works- SB provides support in EU, but outside of the EU it’s provided by Yamaha, or worse, it’s up to some local store that sells banjos, music stands and kazoos. (not that there’s anything wrong with that)

Each country is set up differently, based on the who-knows-what ™ :wink: criteria. The US, where I am, has excellent support from Yamaha, and they are pretty well integrated with SB. But other countries do not benefit from that robustness.

So, of these complaints about poor support, some are from places like AU. I would find that extremely frustrating, and that is why I have not left the USA for Australia or New Zealand, in spite of the obvious benefits of living on those utopian islands. :wink:

I can tell you this, Aterdecer, The country is set when you first open your Steinberg account. :wink:

Hi Atardecer

If you are the same person I think you are I believe we last spoke via email in 2017

If you are not the same person or have more recently contacted us, my apologies

Please contact us via phone or webform linked below so we can help with your current query

Yamaha Music Australia Pty Ltd
Level 1, 80 Market Street
South Melbourne VIC 3205
phone: 1300 739 390

Wow! That’s the first I have seen from Yamaha AU. Welcome.

Thanks Steve …

I’m not sure if that was me or not. My beef isn’t with the people at Yamaha here in Australia, it’s with the poor support and implementation of Steinberg. I now generally call the guy who build my production PC for tech support queries because he knows who have the capacity to read Cubase crash dumps. Or look for support here from other users who are going through similar issues. It’s been my experience that you cannot count on Steinberg support when you really need it to get back up and running quickly. Issues are either resolved in a matter of weeks or left unresolved entirely (tis is after being forwarded on to Steinberg HQ). So I just don’t bother with it anymore.

Well those links only affirm what I’m saying. The provided phone number no longer has an option for Steinberg support - it used to though. It has been removed. This sucks. Again this is no slight on the Oz representatives here - I believe there is/was only a single Steinberg support person for the entire country? They can only do so much. But that’s just bad management from Steinberg/Yamaha’s end. I understand we aren’t a big market in comparison to the EU and US, but still that’s really poor…

Perhaps I should sharpen my American accent and just say I was visiting here at the time of creating my account… :slight_smile:

So what’s the policy of providing support relative to country? If I move overseas am I then entitled to support in that country?

You’re referring to the number that YamahaMusicAus gave above? Maybe that number’s good, why post if it weren’t? maybe they will pop back in and clear that up.

Did you visit the web link? That looks to be how they are opening support tickets.

Atardecer, Yamaha Australia IS the Steinberg support. You may have heard that Steinberg is part of Yamaha and thus the support is covered by them as well. I made them aware of this thread and they replied to you here with a phone number. If that number does not enable you to reach out to a Steinberg specific support agent, this again would have to be discussed with Yamaha Australia.

If you relocated to a different country, the distributor in that country would be responsible for your support then.

That number leads to the Yamaha Support as usual, but the subdirectory listing to speak to the actual Steinberg Tech Support no longer exists. It is a general number for all Yamaha products in Australia, but it seems there is no longer a specific Steinberg contact. Perhaps you can still talk to someone about a Steinberg related issue there in a roundabout way, but the message on the number makes no mention of Steinberg whatsoever.

I talked to them and see whether this can be added.

Hi All

As we have many departments at Yamaha Music our phone menu system can be tricky to navigate

I have copied below the script from our phone menu system with the work flow required to reach technical support for any who might need it

Technical support for Steinberg products is mentioned in other tiers of our menu system but depending on the selections made a customer may not reach them so I have asked our IT department to update the menu in the 2nd level (adding Steinberg products) to help make it a bit easier

All of the staff here at YMA are very friendly so if for any reason you end up at the wrong department please ask for Steinberg support and they will be more than happy to transfer your call

Thank you for calling Yamaha Music Australia.
Information on all Yamaha products and services, including the location of Yamaha dealers, Music Education Centres or Authorised Service Centres is available on our website at au.yamaha.com

Please select from one of the following options

For all consumer enquiries including product information, technical assistance or spare parts – Press 1 [Customer selects 1]
For all Music Dealer enquiries – Press 2
For all Audio Visual Dealer enquiries – Press 3
For Yamaha Music Education enquiries – Press 4
For Account enquiries – Press 5
To hear Options again - Press 6

Please note you call may be monitored for quality and coaching purposes if you do not wish you call to be recorded please let the operator know

For technical support or product information please select one of the following options.
For technical support or set up information on Audio Visual products including HiFi receiver and Home Theatre equipment please – Press 1
For technical support or set up information on Musical Instruments & Professional Audio equipment (and Steinberg products) please – Press 2 [Customer selects 2]
For Yamaha Music Education enquiries – Press 3
For Spare Parts enquires – Press 4
To hear these options again please - press 5 or stay on the line to have an operator direct you call

If you enquiry is for a product you own – Press 1 [Customer selects 1 ]
If you enquiry is about a product you intend to purchase – Press 2

(At this point the customer will be connected to the support desk or hear the following if the line is busy)

Thank you for waiting, please stay on the line for Musical Instrument Operational /Technical support or Music Production Synthesisers & Steinberg Product support.

For enquires regarding product repairs or service enquiries please contact the store where you purchased your product or go to au.yamaha.com for service centre locations

Sorry YamahaMusicAus. That is some tortuous information.

In brief:
At the first prompt, Hit 1
At the 2nd prompt, Hit 2
At the 3rd Prompt, Hit 1

No, the phone message does NOT actually say ‘and Steinberg products’. There used to be a specific option for Steinberg technical support that was obvious and clear as a bell, which has changed. I’m not sure how people are supposed to assume Steinberg support is under ‘Musical Instruments & Professional Audio Equipment’, particularly given the broad range of Yamaha products.

No, it doesn’t and they mentioned that in their post.

so I have asked our IT department to update the menu in the 2nd level (adding Steinberg products) to help make it a bit easier

I think that all is said and the information is available now. I’ll lock this thread now.