Poor Video Playback with Blackmagic and Nuendo 8


I have just upgraded to Nuendo 8 and am getting poor video playback via Blackmagic UltraStudio 4K. It’s blocky and low resolution. Video files are ProRes. Output is set to HD 1080i50. High Sierra. I have another system running a previous version of Nuendo and it’s fine. Is this new video engine related? There are no settings for boosting video performance as previously.

Given that we use it for HD video projection, this is not good.

Are you also having blocky video on a Stationary Cursor? I recently updated as well, and am experience such choppy scrolling during playback, that I have to go to the other version of cursor.

Similar problems on my end. Keeping an eye on this thread.

Yes. Seems to be missing half the vertical resolution.