Pop/glitch with just one single audio track

This is a really weird behavior.

I have a vocal comp with 11 lanes in an audio track edited with variaudio. When I solo the track it plays with a glitch. When I AUDITION the comp (with the speaker tool) it sounds perfectly fine.

So I opened prefs and see a setting for “Disk preload” set to 2 seconds. The glitch (like a pop) also appears precisely 2 seconds after playback. Then I turned the preload to 4 seconds and sure enough, the glitch appears precisely after 4 seconds. If I set it to 6, pop at 6. No other setting in that page seems to make a difference other than preload.

Please advice! Audio buffers don’t change anything here. Here’s the funny part: The project has exactly ONE audio track and I’m having pop issues with that one track. Is there a magic setting to not cause this pop/glitch? :confused:


Where is the event Start? Isn’t it at

No it’s in the middle of the song.

Do you have media bay scanning in background active? (preferences I think)

Preferences > MediaBay > Scan Folders only when MediaBay is open This is disabled by default.

It is disabled as Martin pointed.

I have to mention - the track is made of 18 lanes all with different audio files. I don’t know if that has an impact.

Still the crackles have gotten much worse now - it used to be better before. Now its just pop mania - audio buffer sizes don’t help.


Try to check your system with LatencyMon, please.

My system performs fine with reaper with literally hundreds of tracks. I have an RME 9652 pci and its rock solid. I also have my slave machine (Ve pro5) pulling all the weight in this project so cubase has almost nothing to process except for an audio track.

I will check latency mon but the last time I ran it it reported saying good for audio. No spikes in 10 mins.

Here’s latency mon on my main DAW (where Cubase is running) and my slave DAW where VE Pro hosts all the VIs.

Note that my main DAW has MUCH lower latency.


Again, the same project (all midi) ran with no issues in Cubase until I added the vocal track. Now with the vocal track its causing pops and glitches.

I consolidated the comps to a single audio file and still I hear pops and crackles. There’s definitely something wrong here…