Pop song with ukulele. ;)


something new from my studio. I recorded and mixed uplifting pop song for an artist Alex Volasko.
Everything was done in Cubase 7.5. The video was recorded in my studio, so you can see where I work every day. :slight_smile:
I hope you’ll like it.


Very nice, Good video. Didn’t understand a word of course! :smiley: Ukulele isn’t my favourite instrument but it seems to work well in this song :sunglasses:

Like a bit of “uke”…George Harrison was a “uke” fan I believe…good track, don’t remeber hearing a “uke” in a song since “when I’m dead and gone” by Mguiness flint, sure I’ve spelt that wrong…

good work, Kevin

Hi Simon,

Nice song, well played and produced!
Ii like the ukelele, if fits in nicely.


Everything out of your studio sounds good, whether I like the style or not. Nicely done. Is that you behind the board?

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

Early21: Yes, that’s me. :slight_smile:

nice recording ,nice tune .Ukulele` s and all them other farm animals are quite in fashion at the moment ,you can buy a ukulele for £15 from Lidl ,tuning is the same as the top four on a guitar,which makes em a doddle to play but you will need to shrink your hands in the wash. The fatest string is an open G .Nice studio.