Pop up menu Cubase Pro V10


I submitted this to tech support because something “tried and true” had been removed from V10. Support directed me to post the issue here:

I see that the menu layout has changed in Cubase Pro 10. This is for when my TOOLS preference has the “Pop-up Toolbox on right-click” is un-checked.

Far less options are now available. While some of the menu choices remain that I often use, MOVE TO has been removed as well as the tools such as SPLIT, RANGE SELECTION, etc. I would request that these be added back ASAP via the next maintenance release.

If there is any way to make that pop up menu customize-able to add or remove any command/tool, that would be even better.

And while Steinberg is at it, I would request an improvement. When you do add back the Object Selection Tool to the pop up menu, please add the ability to choose from the three types of Object selection.


This has been raised quite a few times now. We are all crossing our fingers that Steinberg are listening…

Wow, that’s rich … I think most long-time users would agree with me when I say that’s the equivalent of being told to shout it into a paper bag.

For what it’s worth, +1.

HI I recently updated to 10 due to the issues with hyperthreading and have not gone back to the previous version even with all the problems Do steinberg not realise this menu is used thousand of times during a session. It is basically useless as a sequencer / editor as it has not required so mush extra work in terms of keystrokes compared to the previous version and 10 was supposed to be an upgrade??? I guess the programmers dont use their own products!!!


Costumizable menu would be nice!
Besides the above mentioned I’m missing the whole “advanced” section from the audio menu (detect silence, etc.)

Ditto!!! also they have done some really silly things like taking the midi transpose away completely! Again I am of the opinion that Steinberg are not interested in how people actually use the software. I spend a lot of time in studios where people have to produce against the clock not taking months over one track. Moving transpose back into the midi menus is a simple thing however if you are very fast on the software this is a change that makes no sense and adds extra click and mouse movement I am a pro, artist and essentials user and have not upgraded pro because of these problems and have moved back to v9 in artist Why do Strindberg simply not give the option to build your own menu or a number of presets?

make it Customizable,there are a lot of missing menu items for selected event,also i cant use select options(select from cursor to end etc…) have to go always up to the main menu bar

Agree to all the above! Give us back the Edit Pop Up Menu!

+1 here. I can’t understand why it’s been changed as the new way seems like a step back and seriously hinders the workflow.

+1 This should be customizable.

Still not fixed in 10.5?? This is a big problem.