popover list

Is there a popover list that is newer than the one I have from July 2018 ?
Will the manual eventually list all those popovers ?

Mads, I produced this list at your request: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=153321&p=850160#p850170

This one is relatively up to date: https://www.steinberg.help/dorico-manuals/dorico-pro/dorico-pro-2/

Yes, and I thank you for that :slight_smile:
What I mean this time is a list of all the words you can use in these popovers. But never mind - found it via Johns link.
Again - all this + the tokens should be in the manual…

Bearing in mind that some of the pop-overs allow for a lot of expression so not everything can be listed - I think the manual is pretty comprehensive for both tokens and pop-overs.

John’s posted exactly the same link that I posted 10 days ago.

I can’t help but feel a little frustrated.

C’est la vie. Personally, I think you answered the question perfectly.

On a separate note: the latest version of the manual is a thing of beauty. It really is getting to the point where the answers are all there within it. Incredible to think how far it has come in a year or so.

That was a very pleasant comment to read indeed, and I appreciate it very much! I’ll also pass it on to the manuals team, as they have done a lot behind the scenes to support and improve the Dorico manual :slight_smile: