Popover texts for playing techniques

Probably, I have a misunderstanding regarding the popover text of playing technique and hopefully anybody can help me clarify this.

When I look at e.g. “Pedal Ferse-bis-Ballen” playing technique in keys instruments, then the popover text shown is English “heel to toe”. But the popover itself is showing a German text. So, assuming both texts are related to the same issue, why is it shown in English in the dialog window and in German in the panel.

Dorico playing technique:

… and its hover text:

And for my own playing techniques, I maintained the text as well (I assume in German, as my application runs in German), e.g. “Register Oboe”:

… but it is showing only the technical name instead of the popover text.

Any idea what am I doing wrong?

Where is this “eingeblendeter Text” used then?

At the top is the name, under which the playing technique is stored (for you with a German term).
Further down the term is shown, which triggers the playing technique.
There is nothing wrong here, you can use whatever text you would like to trigger that playing technique. “heel to toe” or you could change it to „ballen zu ferse“ or anything you like to remember. The English words are just one option and are a bit shorter than the German term.

Shift-P - got it. Thanks for clarification.