Popping sound from audio clip after applying audioWarp

Hello guys,

I’m having trouble with an audio clip in a way I don’t know how to fix and don’t understand if it’s a bug, but it prevents me from using the audioWarp function properly.

After I create a yellow warp point with the Free Warp, even when I don’t change the audio at all, just creating the point, the audio clip will have an audible pop sound.

I checked and there’s no cpu spike, moreover the strangest thing is that this pop sound doesn’t exist in the audio itself. It occurs around 2 seconds from starting the playback (always at the same exact point), but if I playback the clip in a loop, the second time there won’t be any pop sound. Also I can playback one bar before my song starts, and also there won’t be any pop sound .

What should I make of it? Is this a bug? It’s really difficult to edit audio like this (when exporting it will export with that pop sound…)

I will appreciate any help on this
Thanks in advance

EDIT: Ok I noticed that I created a small fade in in the audio clip and once I remove it the pop sound disappears, but that pop sound comes much later after that fade in so I don’t understand why it’s related to it and that fade in is super small. Does it mean it’s a some sort of bug?