Pops/Clicks During Playback

System Specs:
Windows 8.1
Cubase 8.0.20
Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 Interface (plugged in via 4pin to 6pin converter cable to eliminate ground loops)
Yamaha Powered Bookshelf Monitors
Intel i7 3770k
Asus P8Z77 Pro/TB
4 1TB HDDs in RAID 10

This has just been the nastiest, most frustrating issue!

I’m getting some very annoying soft clicks and pops during playback of audio tracks. It’s enough to make me think my Xfades weren’t doing their jobs, but then I noticed they’re not happening in consistent places. Hear a pop, stop playback, run it back a second, pop is no longer there. This makes it next to IMPOSSIBLE to proof my edits.

I’ve increased the ASIO Buffer Size to 2048, still pops. I’ve increased my FireWire driver’s latency to “very long”, still pops. I’ve decreased it to “very short”, still pops. ASIO Guard both on and off and at all levels, still pops. I’m out of ideas. I don’t think it would be a performance issue since this project doesn’t have all that many tracks, doesn’t have many plugins going, and my performance meter is very low.

At this point, I’m out of ideas and I’d appreciate any advice. I need to solve this issue before I can continue on with these projects.