Pops & Clicks during realtime rendering with External FX

Hello everyone,

I have been getting pops & clicks when rendering in realtime when having external FX.
I also have a click that pops during playback approximately 1s or under after I start playback.
I am running an M1 Pro / 32gb ram with 12.6.3 OS and WL 11.1.20, the issue however has been present since previous versions.

-I tried different buffer sizes
-I stopped oversampling the plug ins that had the option to do so
-I tried killing all background activity on the computer

It has been driving me crazy and I am really not sure what the issue might be, as far as I’ve observed I couldn’t find any pattern so it seems random at the moment.

My CPU is operating @ 20% to 40% .

Anybody has a golden tip?

Try using it in the Master Section. Or in the montage, without other plugins before in the chain.