Pops & Clicks during realtime rendering with External FX

Hello everyone,

I have been getting pops & clicks when rendering in realtime when having external FX.
I also have a click that pops during playback approximately 1s or under after I start playback.
I am running an M1 Pro / 32gb ram with 12.6.3 OS and WL 11.1.20, the issue however has been present since previous versions.

-I tried different buffer sizes
-I stopped oversampling the plug ins that had the option to do so
-I tried killing all background activity on the computer

It has been driving me crazy and I am really not sure what the issue might be, as far as I’ve observed I couldn’t find any pattern so it seems random at the moment.

My CPU is operating @ 20% to 40% .

Anybody has a golden tip?

Try using it in the Master Section. Or in the montage, without other plugins before in the chain.

I’m experiencing exactly the same issue. No matter where the external effect is placed, it causes a glitch at about 300ms playtime that has exactly one buffer size (i.e. 256 samples in my case).

It even happens if the external effect is the only plugin in my chain. No need to mention that it works perfectly on Nuendo & Co.

Need to add that there is a workaround: Set measured latency to 0 on the external plugin.

I can confirm this bug and that the suggested workaround works in Wavelab Pro 11, the latest version (11.2)

Is there any chance of acknowledgement from Steinberg on this? And the chance of a fix?