Pops & clicks issue with RME Babyface on Cubase 7

Hi guys,

After messing around with it for about a week, I can’t seem to get it fixed myself.
Here’s the issue:
The babyface works fine during normal listening on (Spotify or media player), until I open Cubase 7. Then huge pops and clicks start to occur. On every note that I play you hear the noises.
When cubase is open, Spotify and media player also play with noises. When I close Cubase, everything works fine again. The problems also occur when nothing else is open or playing, only Cubase.

Some general things that I know might get asked:

  1. I switched the audio driver in Cubase to the Fireface usb driver.
  2. Yes I installed all the new updates & drivers.
  3. Buffer size at 512, anything different only makes it worse (if possible).
  4. It’s powered by the power cable and usb.
  5. Large or small projects, no difference.

My Komplete 6 interface works fine, it has something to do with the babyface & the problems gets triggered in Cubase somehow.
i7-4930K 3.40ghz, 32 gb ram, Windows 7 64 bit. Asus P9X79 Pro. Nvidia gt610.
All newest drivers and updates installed.

I have no idea anymore what it might be. The weird thing is, it sort of worked at first and I have written and exported a track with the babyface. At first I thought it would only occur after sleep mode (it seemed to happen after a while when I came back after a break), but that’s not the case anymore. After that I updated all drivers etc but sadly that didn’t fix it.

Now, as soon as Cubase is open, crackling noises start to occur.
I hope you guys can help me. I am out of ideas.



Apparently some of my usb ports were faulty. I changed the cable, reinstalled the drivers, and changed the usb ports and it’s all working fine.