Pops/Clicks On Playback Start/Stop, Some Edits

Hi. I’ve got Cubase 7.5 on a W8.1 PC. Intel i7 Ivy Bridge processor. 16gigs of RAM. 4 1TB HDD in RAID 10. Saffire Pro 14 Firewire interface

I keep having this issue where I’m getting a nasty pop or click whenever I first begin playback of any track from any position and also when playback stops. I have my ASIO buffer set to 256, but there’s not difference with 512 or higher. Project only has 3 tracks, which shouldn’t cause my PC to start chugging or anything. Not sure if this “just happens” or what, but it can make proofing tracks for artifacts somewhat difficult as the constant barrage of pops/clicks is causing me to start to ignore them as whitenoise making them all the more difficult to catch when they’re the result of a problematic edit.

A separate but potentially related problem is that some edits just seem to pop/click no matter what - crossfade, HEAVY crossfade, or no crossfade at all. When I open the track in the “editor” panel and audition it, the artifact is gone. However, playing it via the transport bar produces a reliable artifact at the edit point EVERY time. No idea how to fix this.

Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Did this ever get resolved?

I’m having exactly the same problem… the clicking/popping occurs on start, stop and at the end of any sample regardless of if it’s faded… I guess its the engine booting on off from zero but can’t for the life of me workout how to solve it. I’ve tried buffer settings, probably all recommended settings in every order… and changing the audio driver to the asio4all one.
Problem is limited to Cubase, all other apps work fine with my audio card (Audeze Deckard)
It seems to affect Sample programs working within Cubase too… for instance Kontakt has the same issue at the end of each sample regardless of how they are edited…

did you reslove this? i have seen other people wth same problem but there was no final answer how to resolve this annoing issue