Pops Clicks when Recording Audio

hey guys

recently i have been experiencing some pops and clicks during playback and recording of audio in C6.5.
these pops and clicks may be to do with cpu usage and the number of soft synths that i may be using as the cpu meter is quite high (just over half way). i always thought that i could use more synths that im currently using as i am on a i7 imac. so i decided to bounce some of the soft channels as audio to save cpu and i noticed that there are still pops and clicks in the recording. I thought maybe i should check my latency settings for my interface as this has been a known cause for pops and clicks in the past. my interface is the focusrite saffire pro 24 dsp and i have my latency in cubase set to 128 samples. clocked externally is also ticked as it is clocked by the focusrite, correct? :confused: on the focusrite control panel I have the firewire latency set to short.

Is there anything I can do to get rid of these pops and clicks?
Can I temporarily disable certain soft synths to decrease cpu usage while i export audio?
is there any other settings i should change to try and sort this problem?

As i mentioned b4, i thought that the i7 could handle a little more synths than this.

synths used…
Nexus 1
Sylenth1 (latest version)

Any help appreciated…


The latency is not set in Cubase, it is set in your interface. The same goes for the clock. (And FWIW you don´t set the latency, you set the buffers, which result in latency). External clock means your interface is connected to a second device, that sends the sample clock to your saffire. From your explanation I´d say this is not the case. Though the saffire will probably use its internal clock anyway, when no external clock signa is detected.

Aloha s,

Your i7 should be hauling assss!

I can get 40 vsti’s along with 12 stereo audio tracks or 24 stereo audio tracks with 12 vstis
going for over 10 minutes with no probs.(VST Collection/SampleTank/NI)

recently i have been experiencing some pops and clicks during playback and recording of audio in C6.5.

Does this mean these probs did not exist before? and if not, did you change/install/uninstall anything?

Try increasing your buffer settings during playback.
I try to ‘track’ with lower settings and playback with higher settings.


So what your saying is;

I should have externally clock unticked.
the firewire latency set u short on the firewire?
what about buffer size in cubase? i have it set to 128 samples… ?

I agree with you, my i7 should be a work horse.
As far as i know I didnt have these problems before.
the only hardware i uninstalled recently was the Virus TI2

If the above mentioned scenario doesn´t apply then: yes

That is either an interface specific, or Mac specific setting - since I don´t know any of them, I can´t tell you, you´ll have to experiment

Again you´ll have to experiment. As curteye already mentioned: raise the buffers and see what happens. These settings might interact with the firewire latency settings.

is there a way to disable each soft synth while i export audio to decrease cpu usage? (is it the power button on the synth?)

If all else fails I might perform a clean install on osx to see if it fixes any issues…