Populate a chord track using midi file

Hello experts,

I got Cubase Elements and am new to Cubase. Wonder if I can achieve below:

Say I got a midi file of a song, with multiple midi tracks, one track for drums another for bass, another for guitar etc. This midi file has some melodies. I need to populate a chord track which matches the above midi file. Can Cubase read the midi file and generate the chord track automatically?

As per this tutorial’s 8th video


it may be possible. I didn’t buy this tutorial yet so not sure if it possible in Cubase Elements.

Your help is much appreciated. :slight_smile:


You can select a MIDI Event, and generate Chords from it. If you want to get a relevant output, you should select some Pad MIDI track, Guitar, Piano, or any other track with Harmony. Nit just the melody.

But I’m afraid this function is not part of Cubase Elements anyway.

Found it. It is possible in Cubase elements.

  1. Select the midi track (or tracks) that should be used to generate chords from.

  2. Then click on the project menu -> Chord Track -> Create Chord Symbols.

This adds a chord track with chord symbols generated based on the selected midi tracks.

This is awesome.

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