I am trying to add pornamento to a halion 7 program, I looked in the manual and the word pornamento is nowhere in the manual. Is this possible? Or is it not possible in H7. If it is, somebody please tell me how!

Hi. The term you’re looking for is “portamento”, but it still isn’t in the HALion manual. I think portamento is specific to an instrument and you’ll have to check the documentation for that instrument. There’s a better discussion and explanation here:

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Here is a link explaining what a Portamento is.

This technique is generally reproduced by the ‘Pitch Bend’ wheel for standard keyboards. If you are lucky enough to have a ROLI Seaboard or similar, it is available right at your fingertips. HALion must be configured accordingly.

In HALion the Portamento is called Glide. Please search the manual for “Glide”.

Anyway, in not fully editable programs (the vast majority) portamento cannot be activated unless the programmer gave that option.

Programs included in the HS Factory library are examples of fully editable programs, you can find Portamento (i.e. Glide) in Edit → Zone → Voice Control Section .

99 times out of 100 its reproduced by turning on the portamento/glide feature on your synth/sampler and then adjusting the time it takes to slide in between notes.

You are right, hardware synths and soft synths generally have this feature. In this photo which is the reproduction of a Mininoog, the Glide controllers allow to obtain this feature.

However, for many situations, I prefer to use the Pitch Bend Wheel in order to have greater flexibility.

It depends on the context…