Portable PC for VST Live


I’m thinking in renew my old portable PC for a new one, but I don’t want to spend a big money for this. I’m thinking in this one:

ASUS VivoBook 15 F1502ZA-EJ733 Intel Core i5-1235U/8GB/512GB SSD/15.6"


I DON’T use VST Instruments or VST Plugins in my performances. I use a MODX and a Roli Seaboard. All the sounds come from the MODX and I control Lights from a MIDI track with automation and videos in PRO-RES (No compresion to avoid CPU load by decompressing).

So I think this PC is ok for me, but not 100% sure. Is there anybody here with a professional knowledge to confirm?

Thanks in advance
Best regards

I renewed last week and would have the vivobook on my list on first place.
In the last moment i bought an acer aspire 5, because of 16gb ram instead of 8gb.
For the future i think more ram is better.
Use a few VST Instruments in my project.

If you don’t use plugins, it comes down to video, and there GPU is of concern. But unless you do crazy things it should suffice (just a guess, no guarantee).

Many thanks both of you for your answers.

Of course I don’t take any answer as contractual obligation :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Again, thanks for your support