portamento cc5 - how to use?

Hey hey everyone

How on earth is portamento (glide) applied to connect two notes/chords on a midi track? I’ve drawn in all sorts of curves in the controller lane and nothing happens. And yes, the notes overlap one another.

The instrument through which I’m playing doesn’t have portamento/glide option itself.



In other words I want to apply glide between notes on a midi track using Cubase functionality…

Has anyone does this?

Continuous controllers (CCs) aren’t plugins or Cubase processes, they’re just sets of numbers that are sent via MIDI and can then alter settings on the MIDI instrument you are using. If your instrument doesn’t support that particular function, it won’t know what to do with the CC data it receives, and nothing will happen. You’ll need to use an instrument or a patch which recognises those portamento instructions.