For some reason I am not able to input a Portamento marking for my cellos section, but I was able with my violins.

I have attached a screen shot. I have gone into the engraving mode and was not able to manipulate this marking even there also.

Any advise would be so helpful.

Screen shot is provided - I wish it to happen from bar 10-11 as the Violins as you can see.

Thank you in advance if any help is out there!


That’s odd, Amanda. I would expect that if you Ctrl+click the F and then the C, then click the gliss. button in the Ornaments panel (or type “gliss” into the Shift+O) popover, this would work absolutely fine.

could you please enlighten me: how did you manage to put ‘port’ over the line? I can get only ‘gliss’
And as we all know, there is an essential difference between glissando and portamento.

And another question, probably, to Daniel: the graphics - the line with the word ‘gliss’ over it - are indeed look fine, but they seem to have no bearing to the playback. Am I missing something?
And, one more question :slight_smile:
I recall vaguely that there was some discussion on Sibelius forum regarding the difference between playing back glissandi and playing back portamento.
Are there at least tentative plans to provide such a distinction in Dorico?

Igor Borodin

You have a choice between Gliss and Port. in the Properties panel. Regarding the implementation of playback, this will vary greatly depending on what library is being used, E.g, in the VSL string libraries portamento and glissando both have their dedicated patches and would need separate Expression maps in order to trigger correctly.

Thank you, fratveno for the hint regarding ‘gliss’ vs ‘port’.
As to the playback question, I’d still be interested to get clarification whether rendering glissando or portamento in Dorico is (or will be in the future) available.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for chiming in and I am happy to report that followed you direct advice with success. Thank you! I believe I was using the marquee tool to highlight those two notes and I believe this is where it did not implement.

This is my first assignment with Dorico and I have spent a huge amount of time watching literally all the tutorials out there on YouTube to prevent bothering you on the forum - so thank you again!!

Do you have any idea when a video element will be incorporated with Dorico as I work in the film music industry?

I am really enjoying getting to know Dorico after being a loyal Sibelius client over the years. Congratulations on an outstanding product so far. I will be following and cheering for its success over the next years for sure!


IgorBorodin, yes, we do expect to play glissandi back in Dorico in future, but I’m not sure when that will come.

Amanda, I’m glad you were able to create your glissandi! We definitely plan to support composing to picture in Dorico in the future, but not imminently, I’m afraid.