Portico download...where is it?

Yes needing the installers here as well! Huh? Never realized this would be a hassle.

You can just download the trial version and upgrade that to 1.1.0. Your license will automatically turn the trial into the full version.



Thanks, I will try that. If memory serves, which it doesn’t much of the time, I think that is how I did it last time. Just forgot!

Hello! Just like the others, I am trying to find the download in Steinberg Download Assistant for my RND Portico Bundle. All that I’m seeing is the 1.1 update on the site.

This is really weird - why is it so hard to find! I’ve just migrated to a Windows 10 system so need the installers again. It’s odd that the Mac version has an installer but Windows just has the updates. And a week later my support request is still probably way down the queue…

H :slight_smile:

I have the same issue…help!! there’s no link to the demo version either…


Me too. No installer! What’s all the secrecy about? Why isn’t it just in the Download Assistant? After what seems at least 6 years of this nonsense judging by this thread, is it such a gigantic hassle to make them more easily available…? Baffling.