Portico Plug-Ins don't work on Retina/Yosemite anymore!!!

Neither the compressor nor the EQ is working properly on Mac OS X Yosemite (Retina). Can’t use them in Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 9 as well as Presonus Studio One. The plugins show up but the GUI isn’t usable, it doesn’t react at all. However I can sometimes control the parameters via automation (depends on the DAW), but this is certainly no acceptable workaround for plugins this price.

Can somebody (Timo?) tell me when this is going to be fixed?

Please don’t let us customers down!

I just bought this. I hope it works!

I have submitted a support request, asking for information on when / if this will be resolved.
There has been no information on compatibility for the RND Portico plugins over the past two months.

I spoke to Steinberg support this morning. The support guy was helpful, but did not have any new information. He did clarify that since the plugins are listed on the compatibility page (https://www.steinberg.net/nc/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/steinberg-product-compatibility-info-regarding-mac-os-x-1010-yosemite.html), then there is an intention to fix the issues eventually.

He did promise to check with the developers to see if there was any new information and especially to ask if they anticipate any problems.

He also confirmed that they have prioritised their development effort towards the more mainstream products, which is understandable, given the scale of the difficulties they have faced with Yosemite compatibility.

I asked if they could make these points a little more clear for users on the Knowledgebase page - it may be obvious to them, but not obvious to us, waiting to hear what’s happening.

If you are on mac simply open archive and copy AU/VST plugin manually. It worked for me on 10.10

How come whenever Microsoft change an OS and break things it is their fault, yet when Apple do it on almost every OS release it’s always the plugin developers fault?

Just installed Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro under Yosemite 10.10.3 and find that the Portico Plugins are rejected.

From looking around the various pieces of information I can find on the Steinberg.net and this forum there appears two possible work arounds

1: Open a dmg archive and copy files to their location manually.
Can anyone clarify exactly what I have to do as when I open the dmg archive I see several files and not being familiar with the Mac OS its not clear to me what I would have to copy or to where?

2: Try and reinstall using the Steinberg App Installer under Yosemite
Has anyone tried this? Does it work?

Any help would be appreciated. Didn’t expect this problem on the upgrade given the cost of these plugins.


Tried the reinstall option.

This does not fix the underlying problem software which uses AU plugs instead VSTs . From the error messages it appears to be related to the lack of identification under the apple security system to do with app signing. The message it gives me when trying open Final Cut or Logic Pro X says I have a trial version of Portico and prompts me to buy the plugins again (which I already have done) from the Steinberg shop.

Looks like an issue with app licensing as Steinberg opt to sell direct and not the through the app store therefore presumably saving themselves the fees apple wish to charge software developers. So Apple make it difficult to try to force their revenues up by using their app signing coding which they argue are “security features to keep mac users safe” So can this be bypassed so the AU plugs are properly installed and identified in the software which uses them.

Its frustrating that customers of these expensive product get caught in the middle of a corporate war and suffer despite having paid good money for the products. Perhaps all Portico users need to get together and organise a class action law suit to get the product functionality that was promised.

Yes we can send our complaints to Steinberg as that where we bought our product but it appears someone has already raised this and they do not seem to be giving any priority to a fix. It may be a premium product from the consumer view, but its clearly small change to them. So all users lose the use of something which should work with all audio DAWs given its mean’t to be an AU plug as well as a VST one.

This is the second problem like this on these plug ins. The first documented in this forum and raised with support relating to the GUI and mouse focus, is it any wonder that you think twice before investing your money again.

Come on Steinberg allocate this to someone to chase the fix so it works as an AU plugin.

This is everything that is wrong in the digital world with software.


Why organize a class action suit against Steinberg - after all, it is the Apple OS update that has killed the plugs, not anything Steinberg/Yamaha have done & this is an all too common issue with Apple OS as every single time they “update” their OS, things fall apart and not just from Steinberg either. We have heard this so often from Mac OS/Logic/ProTools users as well, where an IOS update kills off either Logic or ProTools compatibility and they have to spend several days getting everything working again and nobody ever seems to point the finger where it should be pointed - Apple’s aggressive business models that would certainly end up in court of Microsoft tried it on.

You say that “we can send our complaints to Steinberg as that where we bought our product” yet it seems to me that the product causing the problem here is the Apple OS and their insistence that you constantly “upgrade” it every few months to yet another rewrite of OS-X. Try writing to Apple and threatening them with a class action suit instead, perhaps, and see what kind of a reply you get back as after all, it is their code causing the problems


first of all, the RND plug-ins currently available online are NOT YET Mac OS 10.10 compatible, the official specs
don’t state something different.

In fact, due to the changes incorporated in the 10.10 update, we needed to spend some time to make our products compatible. The good news is that we already have a working RND beta for Mac OS 10.10. However, the Retina display compatibility is not yet given, but we are currently working on a solution and expect to see a fully tested version (Mac OS X 10.10 & Retina display compatibility) in early Q3.


Timo, is there any chance to see refreshed GUI and working installers for this amazing plugin?

Thanks for response.


The new versions are currently being tested.

Thanks! This excellent news!

Is there an update on when a new version will be released for Mac OS Yosemite? Thanks!

Sorry for the silence. I know that this looks bad. We are still working on the update. During the update tests we discovered issues with the compatibility check with Logic and currently a new version is being tested. I expect a release in July now.

Hello, any news - thanks.

Unfortunately, there has been further delays in completing the update. Now that MacOS Sierra is surfacing we want to make sure that the installer is already Sierra compatible (some new signing methods have to be used for installer files). I cannot give you an exact date for the release at this point. Sorry!

Is there any update on this?

I hope you still want me to reply. At least I wouldn’t trust myself at that point any longer. Sorry (once again) that the update is still not available! However, I kept bugging my colleagues in charge mid of December and the version just needs to be tested. I will let you know asap.

Thanks Ed, I am really looking forward to using these plugins again!