Portico Plug-Ins.. First who uses it?

I just bought this! it’s on sale & it’s cheap!! on sale in Australia.


I do.

how do you find them.? is it a buss thing or a track thing?

Did you download it after purchase? I mean is it downloadable or is shipping the only option?


i did the demo trial & they posted the dvd then i registered it.

are you using these plugins in tracks or in bus (final out)?

everything… i only wanted the eq…

not sure ho what compressor. i don’t know it’s strengths but it can be pushed hard.

but the eq is sick.

I use the compressor all the time, as the VST3 version not only has sidechaining option (although not in the default setting - you must be in feed forward mode for external sidechain to work (FB light off) but that tiny little niggle aside this is an outstanding compressor with a very low CPU overhead.
ON a master buss it is impossible to make it pump even at the fastest attack/release settings and it ranges from subtle to bringing the hammer down. It’s equally great on any track as well - there seems to be nothing it cannot handle & I love it to death.

The EQ is another one that it is hard to make sound bad. In all, what’s not to like!