Portico-Wishlist: Analyzer & Right Click Q-curve

Hello !

At first i’d like to say how much i love these two plugins, they’re certainly the best i’ve ever used (there’s no comparable EQ for me, and i’ve been using ALL of them :wink: ) and can’t be happier with that purchase.
However, i’d wish for some (simple?) functionalities, if there are any updates planned:

    • A background spectrum analyzer…this would be like christmas, eastern and my birthday on one day :slight_smile:
      I know Rupert Neve didn’t have those in his schematics, but to me this is one of the greatest advantages of EQ plugins - and would make the 5033 an interstellar plugin… no wait, there’s something else:
  • The other thing is quite simple i guess: controlling the Q-curve via right click/drag…as many other plugs are doing it. This would make operation a lot more friendly and efficient.

  • The last wish is for the compressor: how about a wet/dry fader for parallel compression ?

Thats all…btw, i’d pay (a little) for an update/grade of these implementations. On the other hand…it’s christmas soon… :smiley:
thank you!


thank you very much for these useful suggestions and your positive feedback on our Neve plug-ins.
I will forward the suggestions to our planning department, but of course cannot promise something.


Timo, same wishes here. Please do not throw this effects away, they are genial and easy to use!