Porting a House Style?

Hi, recently switched from Sibelius full-time. Finally have time to learn Dorico.
I do miss a certain House Style I had, called Neueweise. It had straight beams that I loved.

I emailed the creator of the style and he said this-
“if you have a moment, please let me know why my fonts wouldn’t be useable as is? i really don’t have time (1-month old baby) to look into dorico to see what would be needed to make the fonts ‘dorico-friendly’.”

Any help appreciated.

Maybe direct him to https://www.smufl.org/, and point out to him that SMuFL has thus far been adopted by MuseScore, Logic Pro X, Capella 8, Soundslice, Verovio, neoScores, MaxScore (Max/MSP), Groove Freedom etc.
Finale theoretically have plans to adopt SMuFL but that doesn’t seem to have happened yet.
Porting to SMuFL would give him access to users of lots of different software; not just Dorico.

I don’t know what you mean by “straight beams”. If you mean “straight flags”, those are available in Engraving Options > Notes > Stems > Flag Design. If you use Sibelius’s music fonts in Sibelius, there are the same symbols (and more) available in Dorico. It’s just a matter of setting up the Engraving Options.

If you post pictures of the notation you’re trying to duplicate, I’m sure you’ll get tips for those hard to find items.

Neueweisse is a font, not a ‘style’, as such. (As I understand it, House Styles in Sibelius are a collection of settings, which include font choices.)


You’re certainly not missing any new-music symbols: Bravura (Dorico’s default font) has over 3,500 symbols from every genre of notation. And you can save most settings as defaults for future projects.