Portion of audio:Revert sizing applies timestretch to the orignal

i have a segment of a whole audio track that I modified with the tool “sizing applies timestretch” and has a ~ on the upper right corner.
How to revert this segment in his original size (i.e remove the ~ timestrech) without to find the whole audio in the pool and drag it in the project and redefine the portion
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Disable the Musical Mode in the Info Line, please.

Hello Martin,
Thanks for your answer but I don’t have the musical mode on. I tried to active it and after that disable it , it ok but it change all other portions: pity!
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Then you can Insert it to the project from the Pool window again, to get the original source file length.

Hello thanks again
but sorry I can’t understand!

  1. take a *.wav loop in media bay and drag it to an audio track
  2. cut it in three parst and move some to have space between each portions
  3. Take the tool “sizing applies time strech” and do some change on two of it: for example the 2nd and the 3rd
  4. Now you see a ~ on the right corner of the wave portion of the 2nd and the 3rd

My question is how to remove the ~ (=timestrech) of only the 2nd without to affect anything else?

p.s when I cut a wav like in the 2. in the pool I have only one line ( i remember that once I had a lot of different lines one for each portion)
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OK, now I got the whole use case. Unfortunately I don’t know a solution for this. Sorry.

Hello martin,
Thanks again for your answer.
when i posted this question, i hope it is you who answer
So now I know the answer and finally I re-recorded my saxophone part and forget the “mouse”. It’s better to work his instrument
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