Ports? How do I configure them to work with Kontakt

If I use just one instance of Kontakt I will obviously need more than 16 midi channels.
How do I configure ‘Ports’ in Dorico (numbered 1-numerous) to Kontakt, which I think has just 4, called A,B,C,D?


You can’t use multiple ports in a single instance of Kontakt in Dorico. VST3 plug-ins provide multiple ports, but VST2.x plug-ins like Kontakt don’t, I’m afraid, at least not in a way that Dorico can use them.

Ok thanks for that Daniel. I’ll leave it at 6 instances of Kontakt then for the families of instruments. Do you know if there is a way of Dorico outputting the midi it creates when playing back a score? I’ve now got the expression maps interpreting the score sufficiently well. If I could send that somehow to Studio One 4, and map it to my template in there, it would give me the ability to use the audio facilities within Studio One 4 and control it via the Studiolive Series console / control surface.

On Mac you can use the IAC Bus to send play back via MIDI rather than directly via the USB, but I’m not really sure you’re going to find that any easier to work with.

I’m just trying to get my head around what the possibilities may be. Have I got this right.
I can create a score and tweak the playback parameters (dynamics and timing) without it affecting the written score?
Does this also include the ability to do a tempo map (for ritardando and a tempo)?
From there I could export this data via midi file and if I had effectively the same playback template that I’ve created in Dorico, now in Studio One 4, import to playback correctly?
I’m just trying to work out an effective workflow for my next project.
Thanks Al

One possibility could be to use Dorico’s audio export to export the stems for each instrument separately, and then mix down the audio in Studio one with your console.

Thanks Paul, never thought of that. I’ll try that with the one I’m working on .