Position: Inside Bar Range

I have an Ostinato. I want the first beat of each bar to have a fixed higher velocity. I choose inside range, then Value 2 set to fixed vale and for test purposes I chose 127. After hitting Apply. It only works on the 2nd 16th triplet on each beat. I have tried on other tracks with the same effect. Any idea of why that’s happening

The first value for the Bar Range should be zero

That worked perfectly. I used 0 and 30 to pickup the first 16th triplet. What do those parameters mean? Start and ppq length. What would I use for bar 2 and different note valus? Thanks again for solving my problem.

Assuming you haven’t changed the defaults,

A quarter note is 480 ppq
so a –

4 beat whole note = 1920 ppq
half note = 960
8th note = 240
16th note = 120

So the value to catch exactly the contents the first beat would be
0 :: 480

The filter applies to the positions in all bars. Check out Inside Range also.