Position mix assisstance

Will try to describe my idea, please ask if its not possible to understand:

I would like some kind of feature than can graphically show where my different instruments are sitting in the mix. on a frequency, panning and distance aspect. For example I might increase some kind of frequencies on my kick drum, and then remove some of those frequencies on my bass for them not to be in the way of each other, but it would be nice to not havé to check all these things, so it would be nice to get a graphical understanding of which sounds are the most prominent at the different frequency positions (as well as panning and distance(reverb).

in this feature it should be possible to turn visibility of different instruments/channels on and off, so that I can check the most important instruments at one time, for example, drums, bass and guitar at one time, or if I just want to check guitars and vocals at one time.

Ofcourse this is what I am supposed to notice with my ears, but still would help to get a visual representation of the mix from this kind of aspect.

possible to understand?