position of breath marks


as you can see in the example, the breath mark for the 2nd instruments are moved to the left, probalby because of the ledger lines, even if there is enough space. I would prefer, if the breath marks only would move, when there are going to collide with the ledger line. Also, Iwould like to ask for an ability to align breath marks vertically. This has been askeg for in combination with grace notes, so I am not the only one, who would find this helpful.

[This is my first example created with the new graphic slices tool. Very good addition!]
breath mark.png

You’re correct that it’s the ledger line that causes the breath mark to be positioned a bit further to the left on the lower staff than the upper staff, but it’s not as simple as you might think; try adding a B4 below the C5 on the fourth beat of the first bar so that you have a backnote on that stem. I think what Dorico is doing here is reasonable and there’s no obvious alternative that would be correct in all cases.