Position of rests in percussion staff is off


Just installed 4.2. Doing a drum part really simple but the quarter rest on beat 3 is positioned higher than the one on beat 2, that doesn’t look right or?
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I have to set the position of the rest to -4, to align it with the rest on beat 2.
Has it always been like that??

Yes, Dorico is aligning the rests beat-by-beat rather than across the whole bar. There’s no setting to force Dorico to align the rests at the same position for the whole bar, but it’s something we may add in future.

I’m not sure I understand this either, sorry.

If the program is aligning beat-by-beat and beat two and three are identical, shouldn’t they look identical?

It’s aligning beat 2 with beat 1, but it doesn’t align beat 3 with beat 2, because beat 2 is a rest, and not a note. It doesn’t try to keep the rests lined up at the same position, it tries to match them up to notes.

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What if it just didn’t change the vertical position within a series of rests? Especially if the rests abutting notes at either end of the series are at the same position? There is no visual reason for beat 3 to be at that position. (Just an idea for the logic of a hoped-for feature.)

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I know rests are funny things in percussion staves, but as a feature request, would it be possible to have a setting to always align rests for stems-down voices and rests for stems-up voices within a bar? Or possibly to be able to specify a default desired position?