Positioning line or bar

Is there any way to stop the position bar from just going and going on playback? I would like for it to stop at the end of the track if possible.


In LE1 there’s an option called “play to next marker” in the transport menu.

Thanks Celtsound for calling out the transport options. I tired the different options. I couldn’t make the Play to next marker work, however, if I select the track and then use the “Alt+Space” to play the selected range that works. The play until selection ends works as well but the “Alt+Space” seems easier.

There is really no reason for it to continue playing past the last range of tracks. This is software and should detect if there are any other ranges/tracks beyond the last. :bulb: The Default should be to stop at the end and then there should be a option to select if you want the position bar to just keep playing nothing forever.

Thanks again Celtsound for showing me the way! :smiley:

All you have to do is set the correct length of the song in Project Setup.

Yes… I had forgotten that.