Positioning of accents on sustained notes

I often find that Dorico treats a tied note or tied set of notes as a single event and ‘expects’ only to have to put one accent on it when an accent (staccato etc.) is applied.

If I have a sustained note (e.g. for flute which needs to change accentation as the note is held, then how can I add accents at particular rhythmic points for the held note? - With ink, these would be indicated by showing the timing rhythm of the accent using appropriately-divided tied durations on the same pitch.

In the sample above, I’m having a tough time trying to make the accents (imported from XML file) orientate themselves on the side of the head of the note. The ‘flipping’ function affects only one of the accents and I seem to have no control over the other.

If I delete the staccato mark, then I try to insert it back again on the side of the head of the note using Shift-N (Mac) and then arrow keys to get to the correct point of the sustained note …when I type ‘paste’, the staccato mark in RAM is not pasted.


You can do what you want, using different voices. Granted, it’s absolutely not intuitive, not really guessable. But yes, you can do it. And you can tie those notes together.

Articulations appear at either the start or end of tie chains by default based on their type, i.e. force, duration, or stress. You can change that for individual notes or globally.

If you want articulations at multiple positions within a tie chain, you can either use alternative voices and add the articulations to the relevant notes, or create playing techniques that contain the required articulation symbol and input those wherever you like (using the caret).

As for things not behaving in an XML import – perhaps select-all and reset appearance and position? Or on a more localised selection of notes/items. You might find that allows Dorico’s default behaviour to take effect and require less manual intervention subsequently.

Articulations can’t by default be pasted independently of notes, but in Dorico Pro 4 there is a new feature to paste articulations.

Thanks again Marc & Lillie. Much obliged.

It would be really good if Dorico recognised the existence of rhythmic points along a tie chain, to allow accents and articulations to be put onto those ‘gatepost’-notes.

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It does recognize them; Lillie just showed you how.

As both Lillie and Derrek told you… It does.

I’d rather not use alternative voices when there is only one voice.

Thanks for pointing out the useful workarounds.