Positive feedback for 12.0.10?

All i can see is complaints , i know that’s what the forums for (help ) but is anyone actually running 12.0,10 on Win without any issues ?
Im waiting for positive feedback before up dating this time

I have no issues with Cubase itself so far, but I’m on Win11 on the workstation.

The issues are related to third party plugins.

I had some crashes on exit two weeks ago, but updating all NI, Waves and Arturia plugins resolved the issue. Since I did all the updates in one go, I can’t say what caused the problem.
Maybe a Windows update was involved as well.

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This forum is where Steinberg tell their customers to go for support if they have problem with their cubase.

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here’s one… Just installed Cubase 12

C12.0.10 is running fine on my system.

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Very impress by the “Performance” work done by Steinberg, same project use 30% to 40% less (Asio CPU meter) than last Cubase 11 !

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Running fine on my M1 Pro MacBook. Only using it in M1 native mode. But it’s been fine. I did find that Wavefactor Trackspacer used so much CPU it was killing my laptop. Since I removed that from my projects it’s been great.

No problems yet for me…but that’s kind of boring to report on a forum. :sunglasses:


Running well here on Win 10. No hangs, freezes or crashes.
Performance is good.

Cubase Elements 12, running perfectly fine here, Windows 10 Pro 21H1 (yes, 21H1, not 21H2).

I am getting excellent performance with windows 11.
No problems,
except that darn rewind and forward transport bug, :laughing:.

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I’ve installed 12.0.10 and still doing test but at the moment it is very unstable , if i use freeze the whole program looses its Asio and nothing plays , so ive uninstalled the latest Win update and there seems to be some improvement BUT if i leave the computer for more than 5 mins the the ASIO meters go to zero and the project with not play . In 30 years ive not had such a shitty update to be honest . Dont mention power plans my PC have a DPC reading of 58Us max and everything is as it should be … Im not happy at the mo

All good here in Windows 11

All good here

Win 10/ i5 10600k/16gb ram/msi z490 gaming wifi motherboard

working great (knock on wood)

Hi guys,
I know there is a thread about it but I couldn’t find it.

After reading a couple of (sometimes too salty) rants, let me say:

The update is very stable around here. I was sometimes having a ‘null pointer’ error when quiting. This seems to be addressed in the current update.

I haven’t had the need to use all Cubase’s tools in my current project. But as far as it goes, it’s all good and groovey around here.