Possible? 16 track mixer with 2x Korg NanoKontrol2?

Hi there,

I like the functionality of my little Korg NanoKontrol2 (NK2).
But since it can handle ‘only’ 8 tracks at once without bank shifting i wonder if it would be possible to buy another NK2 and put e.g. Tracks 1-8 on the first NK2 and 9-16 on the second NK2.

If this is possible I’m also curious what would happen if I shift banks on one NK2.
Will the other NK2 shift as will or will they both jump to the same 8 tracks for example.

Anyone with experience with this (kind of) use?


Yes, you can do so in the Mackie Control Mode. The Bank Shift would jump over 16 channels.

@Martin.Jirsak That is good news Martin :smiley:

These controllers are really cheap, small and for me quite usable

So, if I would connect three NK2’s (‘stacked’ front to back), I have banks of 24 Tracks in a very compact setup. That would be sweet…



If I’m not mistaken, the Mackie Control protocol doesn’t count with more than 3 devices. Cubase can do this. So I don’t know what would happen in case of 4 or more devices, sorry.

For now 24 Tracks simultaneous is (more than) enough.
Within a week I should have the set of three NK2’s in use. Wow, Nice!!! :smiley:

Sad news… I bought a second NK2, but Cubase only recognizes one NK2.

Better said: In the Input - Output listings there are two entries for Korg NanoKontrol2, but I can only assign one. One unit is not functioning at all, whatever I have tried (I see no options left to try).

Mind sharing a screenshot of your Studio→Studio Setup window with the MIDI Port Setup selected (so that we can see the ports as well) after you have connected both nanos?

INPUT Listing

OUTPUT Listing


Add another Mackie Control device and set the other Ports. I can see 2 nanoKONTROL2 MIDI Ports in the list.

Be aware, the most bottom Mackie Device in Cubase, is the most left on your desk.

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Tried it, and for some reason Cubase cannot distinguish the two units’ unique ports.

In the MIDI Port Setup window I already renamed the ports with suffixes 1 and 2.

But every time I assign the second NK2 to its ports, ‘Apply’ and check, the checks are back to the same ports as NK2 nr.1

Picture Below: I Applied the Ports “2”

And below this, I reselect the Mackie Control 2…
Settings are back to Port 1

If I tick the checkbox “Use Device WinRT MIDI”, then all devices get a unique name in the MIDI Port Setup window. And then I can set the proper ports to Mackie Control and Mackie Control 2
But then not one single button / slider / knob seems to function anymore.
What I do see is that I get the white bar under 16 tracks, which would imply that I have banks of 16 tracks.

After checking the winRT box, did you restart Cubase? I see there, that now at least one of your nanos is occupied by the MIDI Remote, and I see no Mackies.

Because of the fact that nothing worked properly, I deleted both Mackie Control entries.
Now I’m back to the starting point of yesterday which is the NK2 as MIDI Remote Controller.

I can try it again and restart Cubase completely. Hopefully things will work then.

Are you OK with having your controller running this way?

Yes, it’s working perfect. I just would like to have banks of 16 of even 24 tracks thats’s all

Step 1: DONE!

Ok. Here’s what we can do. Tomorrow (pretty late here now) I can see if I can alter the script and implement the second nano in it. Now, I wouldn’t get very optimistic, but hopefully this can work :slight_smile:

Well, thanks in advance for your input. Well appreciated !

No succes after restarting Cubase.
As mentioned earlier, I do get a white line underneath 16 tracks, suggesting I have banks of 16 tracks, but not a single thing happens if i move, twist of press things.