Possible beaming irregularity

I inputted the following pattern of notes: dotted semiquaver, demisemiquaver, dotted semiquaver, demisemiquaver. Then, halfway through the group I didn’t want it to break the secondary beam, and so I sorted that out very nicely. However, when I then tied the first dotted semiquaver to to previous crotchet, the break in the secondary beam reappeared. So far, I’ve been unable to rejoin the secondary beams. Is there a way to achieve this? It’s highly likely that I’m missing something glaringly obvious.

If you first tie the dotted semiquaver to to previous crotchet, then go into Engrave mode you should be able to select the group of beamed notes, right-click and select ‘Beaming > Beam Together’ to avoid the break in the secondary beam. Note that the beam will revert to the default configuration with certain types of edit (eg. moving the beamed group, rebarring, removing the tie etc.).

Excellent! I’d been fiddling with the beaming only in write mode.

Thank you very much.