Possible Blank Staff?


It might be an odd request, but sometimes I need a blank staff. I would use this staff to input music, but would need ZERO playback, and have it allow all kinds of alterations.

Such as creating a drum set part for explicit purposes of exporting as graphics. Or creating other notations, and exporting as graphics.

Is it possible to create a staff that is a blank staff? That has no predefined rules associated with it (such as which clefs are allowed, transpositions, etc.). If not, would it be possible to add such an “instrument” prior to the next release?


We might well add generic treble and bass clef instruments in due course, but I’m less convinced about the need for a completely empty staff: you can always create an empty clef on an existing instrument of any type, after all.

Sometimes I print out blank music paper, only staves without any other things… Or for my students: blank staves for writing their own chords under a vocal line i.E.

That’s true Daniel, you can. However, if I change the clef of a violin part to the percussion clef, it behaves oddly (maybe that’s a clef issue, and not a staff issue). As Peadey stated, sometimes I print staff paper, from blank staves.

I guess it is just a suggestion. Even in Sibelius and Finale, I would use the blank staff to input music, because playback was not going to matter.


Dorico does have a blank clef in the ‘Uncommon Clefs’ section, so you should be able to use that.