Possible bug: A gliss doesn't release the "Legato" playing technique using the HSSE + HSO (Pro) template

I’m writing for strings and I’ve noticed that the Violin I was always playing legato. When going into play mode, I’ve noticed that every note has the “Legato” pt attached. If I switch to the “Silence” template, every note has now the “Natural” PT. After fiddling around, I discovered that this was caused by the glissando lines (if I “Suppress playback” them, the problem disappears).
I’ll attach the simplified score that I was working on to exemplify the problem. I’ve left also the Vln II part, which has some similar parts, to demonstrate how while in the tremolo section the vln I has the Legato PT and the vln II has the Tremolo PT.
Playing technique weirdness.dorico.zip (1.23 MB)

Sorry to take such a long time to come back to this issue, Lucas. I can confirm the behaviour, which is specific to glissandos on grace notes. I’ve logged it to be fixed in a future update.

No problem, thank you for your answer!