Possible Bug - changing instruments

In this example, there is a Bb Clarinet player also holding a Bass Clarinet.

In the 2 examples, you can see in Galley view that I have to staves, and one where the player is playing Bb Clar. The next is where the Bass Clar. comes in.

You can see that in the part layout there is no wording that says “To Bass Clarinet” or something similar. But it does say “B. Clar,” when it is the Bass Clar. part.
Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 12.03.04 AM.png
Screen Shot 2016-11-20 at 12.03.38 AM.png

Bassoon or Bass Clarinet? I’m confused.

That’s the way Galley View shows the instruments. The first 2 staves are the Bb Clar. and Bass Clar. part. The word Bassoon is a little out of place at that zoom level. The Bassoon staff is not displayed.


We have fixed a problem with instrument change labels not appearing properly when the change of instrument occurs at a system break, so hopefully this problem will be resolved in the imminent 1.0.10 update. If not, please let us know, and send us the project so we can take a proper look.

Will that include instrument changes showing between flows? They are not currently showing in that situation either.

I’m not quite sure what you mean, Claude: do you see different results than e.g. that shown in the picture attached?

Those show fine. But if flow 1 is on flute and flow 2 in on picc. I have to use text to announce the change, regardless of whether the next flow starts on another page or on the same page. In the case of a collection of short pieces (such as a Christmas singalong, which is what I’m doing atm), showing those changes is quite necessary

Unfortunately flows are completely independent, so if a new movement starts with the other instrument, Dorico won’t announce the change except in the staff label at the start of the new system. I recognise that this is far from ideal in the part, where no staff labels are typically shown. We’ll think about whether this is something we can improve in future.

The abbreviated staff label on the 1st system is actually acceptable to me for now. I hadn’t thought of it and it works well. However, since it displays both instrument and part number (Fl. 2 instead of simply Fl. for example), it does look a little strange. But thanks for the answer.

The number after the instrument is a bug, Daniel told us some weeks ago this would be corrected soon.